Freitag, Mai 04, 2007

A Guide to Shashi - Intermission

A Guide to Shashi

While in Vienna Beth and Babasko, who can be extremely persuasive, asked me to translate one of our features into English - and I just can't say no, especially to lovely people like that. (Although I can now type नहीं - which is cooler than simply saying 'no', don't you think?)

So, let's take a break from Shashi's films for a little while and concentrate on his fabulous shashitastic fashion!
Mission BAS proudly presents:

Edit: A Guide to A Guide to Shashi at the new blog.


Beth hat gesagt…

I luuuuuuurve you!

babasko hat gesagt…

you did it. you did it. YAAHOOOOOOOO!

dickes bussi! knuddel!

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