Donnerstag, April 12, 2007

All quieked out

Schnuffel gesehen. Gequiekt. Gesabbert. Mehr gequiekt. Mehr gesabbert. Über 1000 Screenshots gemacht. Review gebastelt. Bett. Jetzt.




Beth hat gesagt…

This clip does nothing for me. Does that mean I'm ill or something?

Katrin hat gesagt…

Yep, definitely ill :P Come on, Siddu is the definition of schnuffig in that clip ;) And it's been shot in Frankfurt and Austria, so I had to post this here.
I actually prefer this one - it's so much fun in the film. And the "love makes life beautiful"-bit is irrevocably stuck in my head:

Katrin hat gesagt…

grmpf. that was only half the clip. i hope this one's complete:

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