Donnerstag, April 26, 2007

वाह! वाह!

Bitte alles sofort mal schnell zu Beth rüberklicken!

(Und wer errät, was da in der Überschrift steht, kriegt 100 Gummipunkte.)


Beth hat gesagt…

I swear to Gott in Himmel I am going to stomp up to the door of the Firefox offices and ask them why, in one week, my browser has gone from not being able to read Devanagari, to being able to read it, to not being able to read it again, without me touching a single setting of any kind. Grrr. But vah vah indeed! Abhishek is looking damn fine in these videos. The only thing stopping me from adding him to my FPMBF list is my loyalty to Maja. I sacrificed my love on the altar of friendship, as Babasko likes to say.

Katrin hat gesagt…

*sigh* The things we do for friendship ;) But you know, if Maja is busy we could, you know, look after him for a while. As a favour for a friend, completely selflessly of course.
And then we could ask him to have a word with the Firefox people and tell them that we are not amused if your browser doesn't read Devanagari.
This nearly makes me regret my decision to buy a Mac next time I need a new computer ...

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