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A Guide to Shashi - Part 2

Chronologically this is actually part 3 but as the powers that be somehow don't want me to watch Shashi's first adult performance in Dharmputra, the first half of the 60s will have to wait. (Babasko however was much more lucky than me and actually has seen the film, so click here for her review.)

But don't worry, the second half has some pretty good stuff to offer.

A Guide to Shashi

Part 2 - Mr. Überschnuffig

Such as Waqt (1965), which is not only probably responsible for introducing the lost-and-found theme but whose sets and casting are also extremely lavish (Yash Chopra obviously had quite some money to spend). And of course there's Shashi in überschnuffig-mode (Maria has some very nice screencaps in her review, my DVD drive is still broken so no caps from me - I'll put some in once the player is working).

The plot: Earthquake separates family, 20 years later their paths cross. Shashi is the youngest son of the family and actually gets to stay with his mother. While working as a chauffeur to earn money for his education he falls in love with a rich girl (Sharmila Tagore) who just happens to be his brother's step-sister. Said brother has also fallen in love - unfortunately he's not the only one as brother no. 3, who has become a thief, is interested in the same girl. Lots of drama. Despite that, the film is unfortunately somewhat boring at times. And - I feel bad for saying that - the songs don't exactly help. While they are really lovely individually (and are mostly sung by Asha! Yay!), there are also quite a lot of them in the film, making it drag a bit. Still, Waqt is one of those films everybody should have watched if only because it's one of the biggest blockbusters of the time and really nice to look at.

In the same year, Shashi had another big success with Jab Jab Phool Khile, a love story set, of course, in Kashmir, which definitely deserves mention as one of the main characters as it's filmed beautifully. The film's message is a wee bit conservative but the film itself is quite sweet - and there are bits in which Shashi looks extra-adorably überschnuffig:

He plays a poor Kashmiri boy who rents out a houseboat to rich heiress Rita (Nanda) and guess what? They fall in love. The problem is that there is also a rich guy who wants to marry Rita despite her rather strange taste in hats:

And daddy dearest isn't too pleased with her choice either ...

The film apparently was director Suraj Prakash's greatest hit and the music by Kalyanji-Anandji, which is really nice, did quite well, too. If you're in need for some really cute romance this is a perfect choice. Also, you get to see an ending that has been quite ... inspirational for one or two other Bollywood directors ...
Some random Shashi-cuteness:



Beth hat gesagt…

Shashi and Sharmilla? Sharshilicious! Can't wait to see it. I have ordered not one, not two, but THREE Shashi movies from nehaflix, including the rollerskating one.

Katrin hat gesagt…

*g* Theres more Sharshiliciousness to come soon :D Including rollerskates :D

Which other ones did you order?

Beth hat gesagt…

I got Shaan and Fakira. Woo hoo!

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