Donnerstag, November 02, 2006

I'm not too late!

It's still the 2nd in my part of the world ...

So here comes my essay on what I did this summer why I love SRK - inspired by Beth and in celebration of the King's 41st. Happy Birthday!

I've only got a few minutes because I'm technically supposed to be working at the moment so you'll be spared any long, tedious explanations. Instead, here are my top 10 reasons why SRK rocks. Big time.

10. He is the reason why my sister, who used to mock me for watching "that awful kitsch", has started to watch Hindi movies, which is a bit annoying when I look at my DVD shelf - everything with SRK in it is in her room as it seems - but it's very satisfying to say "told you so".

9. He made me fall in love with Hindi movies again after a hiatus of about 5 years, which in turn has made my life much more pink. So thank you, Mr. Khan!

8. The eyebrows.

7. Nobody on this planet wears "non-shirts" better than he does. Especially when there's water involved ...

6. Dancing on top of moving vehicles. Especially trains.

5. Baazigar:

4. Devdas:

3. Swades:

2. This:
And this:
And this:And this:

And yes, putting that sort of thing on number two is shallow. But these scenes have me bouncing in my seat and make me ridiculously happy. So you'll just have to live with it ;)

1. The fact that he's not at all perfect and yet so much better than the sum of his parts ...


Maja hat gesagt…

Awesome post! Love all the pictures, especially those under number 2, I'm so with you on that. I've just been hopping from one Bollyblog to another and reading all the birthday posts, there's nothing better to put you in a good mood :D

--Sunrise-- hat gesagt…

@ Maja: same here! I could not agree more - awesome fun!!

Katrin: you're not late at all... I posted mine at 11:59 PM on 2nd November... one more minute and I would have been laaaaate. (although i did have to republish it to get it to work properly... :()

Alles Gutes zum Geburtstag, Herr Khan...!! :D


Katrin hat gesagt…

I've only just gotten around to reading all the other posts - great stuff :D
(Note to self: Buy drool-protection-kit for keyboard.)

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